Safety and Risks of Nanotechnology

Meeting of Swiss Scientists

April 20 and 21, 2004
Lucerne, Switzerland


April 20, 2004

  • Welcome and introduction
    Dr. Karl Höhener, TEMAS, Arbon
  • Interdisciplinarity of safety and risk issues of nanotechnology
    Prof. Dr. Mark Welland, Nanoscale Science Laboratory, University of Cambridge
  • Impact on human health I: effects by inhaled ultrafine particles
    PD Dr. Marianne Geiser, Institute of Anatomy, University of Berne
  • Impact on human health II: pathology of nanoparticles
    Dr. Antonietta M. Gatti, Laboratory of Biomaterials, University of Modena
  • Shaping the dialogue with the public on nanotechnology
    Prof. Dr. Klaus Ammann, Institute of Plant Sciences, University of Berne
  • Production and application of nanoparticles
    Prof. Dr. Heinrich Hofmann, Powder Technology Laboratory, EPF Lausanne

April 21, 2004

  • Workshop 1 - Human health: medicine and nanobiotechnology
    PD Dr. Andreas Schapowal, Swiss Academy of Medicine and Ethics, Landquart
  • Workshop 2 – Communication: addressing public needs
    Prof. Dr. Richard Braun, Biolink, Berne
  • Workshop 3 – Particles: fullerenes/CNT/nanoparticles
    Dr. Margarethe Hofmann, SVMT, Lausanne
  • Conclusion of the meeting and next steps
    Dr. Karl Höhener, TEMAS, Arbon