Some of the lectures of the Symposia Medicine and Ethics were given in English or published in English. The majority however was published in German and might be seen in the German version of this website.

The Code of Ethics of the European Academy of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (EAACI),
(PDF, ca. 60kb)


Safety and Risks of Nanotechnology
Meeting of Swiss Scientists
April 20 and 21, 2004
Lucerne, Switzerland

Karl Höhener: Welcome and introduction
(PDF, ca. 0.3MB)

Mark Welland: Interdisciplinarity of safety and risk issues of nanotechnology
(PowerPoint, ca. 1.8MB)

Marianne Geiser: Impact on human health I: effects by inhaled ultrafine particles
(PDF, ca. 0.2MB)

Antonietta M. Gatti: Impact on human health II: pathology of nanoparticles
(PDF, ca. 5.8MB)

Klaus Ammann: Shaping the dialogue with the public on nanotechnology
(PDF, ca. 6.4MB)

Heinrich Hofmann: Production and application of nanoparticles
(PDF, ca. 4.4MB)

Andreas Schapowal: Workshop 1 - Human health: medicine and nanobiotechnology
(PDF, ca. 0.7MB)

Richard Braun: Workshop 2 – Communication: addressing public needs
(PowerPoint, ca. 0.2MB)

Margarethe Hofmann: Workshop 3 – Particles: fullerenes/CNT/nanoparticles
(PowerPoint, ca. 0.6MB)

Karl Höhener: Conclusion of the meeting and next steps
(PowerPoint, ca. 0.2MB)


Elie Wiesel: Preface, Ethik in der Medizin 10/suppl. 1 (1998)

Derek Yach: Health and illness: the definition of the World Health Organization

Mohammed Haytham Al-Khayat: Spirituality in the definition of health: the World Health Organization┤s point of view

Cai Jingfeng: A historical overview of traditional Chinese medicine and ancient Chinese medical ethics

Lama Gonsar Rinpoche: Medical ethics in Buddhism

Peter Kaiser: Religious background in medical professionals: Is there an impact on therapy? The case of Buddhadasa Bhikku, Thailand

Avraham Steinberg: Medical ethics in an interreligious comparison: Judaism

Avraham Steinberg: Spirituality and healing - the "golden way" of jewish law (halakhah) rules and regulations

Li Wei-xiong: Family planning in China

Marc Germond: Ethical problems in medically assisted procreation

Francesca Levi-Schaffer: Bioethical discussion in Israel

Ladislav SoltÚs: Medical ethics in Slovakia

4th ICMM Course on International Law of Armed Conflict for Medical Officers and young Military Doctors,
Spiez, August 23 - 30, 2002

Andreas G. Schapowal, Hans-Ulrich Baer: Medical Ethics in Peace and in the Armed conflict, Military Medicine 167, Suppl. 3: 26 - 31 (2002)